Peer Advocates

Peer Advocates serve as a resource to fellow students who have may have questions about the Office of Community Standards' conduct review process. Advocates can also be a support to any student who is currently going through the review process. Our Advocates have been fully trained from the Office of Community Standards about the process, aspects of du Lac and our University's code of conduct. Judicial Council has also provided supplementary training for Advocates to serve not only as support for fellow students, but also to educate the student population about the conduct review process. Peer Advocates maintain strict confidentiality with regards to information in a students individual case. 


If you have a pending allegation of misconduct or have any questions/concerns about the conduct review process, please feel free to contact Judicial Council to request a Peer Advocate or ask any questions by emailing us at or giving us a call at 574.631.5136. Please note we will honor requests for specific Advocates.


The 2016-17 Peer Advocates are:

Nicholas Rosshirt 

Natale Mancuso 

Ryan Ciemny 

Timothy Jacklich 

Carleigh Burns 

Isabel Rooper 

Iliana Almada

Kelli-Ann Tanaka 

Emily Fischer 

Daniel McFadden 

Gregory Raster 

Patrick Murday 

Ruslan Lucero 

Joseph Sierotko 

Bridget Naylor-Komyatte 

Caroline Haley 

Brittney Decimus