Candidate Resources

Important Election Rules/Regulations

  • Candidates are responsible for knowing and understanding all election rules and regulations, including du Lac
  • Campaign limit of $200, all materials and receipts must be approved by Judicial Council
  • Campaigning may be held ONLY over the period specified by the Election Committee
  • NO campaigning may occur in the upper levels of LaFortune (2nd and 3rd floors), upper levels of Duncan Student Center (with the exception of appointments with campus media), in or near any Student Union office or venues occupied by the Student Union (Student Union meetings or SAO sponsored events) or in any venue while occupied by a class period or exam -- this includes Zoom links intended for academic purposes
  • Use of Listservs for campaigning is prohibited ( or any variation thereof)
  • Google Groups created for use by a Residence Hall, Student Union Organization, or University department, office, or official may not be used in campaigning
  • All candidates are expected to behave ethically at all times
  • Campaign posters must be approved by Judicial Council & SAO with physical stamps before display
  • Please be aware of the REGULATIONS REGARDING SOCIAL MEDIA usage (page 35 of the constitution, or contact
  • Allegations of election misconduct must be submitted to Judicial Council ( or here) within 48 hours of the time committed, 1 hour of the end of voting, or 11:59pm on day of the election, whichever is soonest.

Updated Election Code

Election Code General Provisions

Election Code Campus Wide


See a previous year's Information Session Presentation for candidates for background information

Studet Body Elections Information Session Presentation 2020

Student Body Elections Information Packet 2020

*The information supplied in 2020 Election Information is not binding in anyway on the 2022 Election Cycle. Many regulations have changed since then, and the form of petitioning has also changed from paper to virtual.