Madison Nemeth, '23 

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I am an off-campus senior from South Bend, and I'm majoring in Africana Studies and Political Science. I am also earning my minor in Education, Schooling & Society. In addition to my work with Judicial Council, I have worked as a research assistant to graduate students working on their dissertations through the Rooney Center for American Democracy. In the 2020-21 term, I served as the Senator for Johnson Family Hall. At that time, I served as a Senator on the Committee on the Constitution, which I then chaired in the 2021-22 term for my role as Student Union Parliamentarian. 

As Judicial Council President for the 2022-2023 term, my priorities are as follows:

1. Constitutional and Organizational Reform: Continue the work of evaluating structural and procedural issues presented by the Constitution. Consider large-scale constitutional reform by continuing internal and peer institution research. 

2. Clean, Transparent, Engaging Elections: Continue last year's trend of increased turnout and decreased sanctioning by improving the presence of election advertising through digital and physical platforms and use the Election Committee's Advisory Opinion power to clarify ambiguity through written precedent. We are also excited about transitioning to ND Central for the administration of elections.

3. Peer Advocacy as an Institutional and Cultural Presence: Increase awareness and influence of the Peer Advocacy program through improved social media outreach, and otherwise, to students.