David Haungs, '23


Hello, Notre Dame! I am David Haungs, and I am honored to serve as your Judicial Council President. A member of the Class of 2023 and a proud resident of Keough Hall, I am originally from Syracuse, NY.

I am a Chemistry and Political Science double major. In addition to my work with Judicial Council, I have been involved on campus in research on the integrative complexity of judicial decisions as a function of panel diversity, and I conduct research on synthetic and mechanistic inorganic chemistry as well. I also serve as an Associate Editor of Beyond Politics, the University's undergraduate political science journal. In the 2019-2020 term, I was a member of the Election Committee, which I then chaired as Judicial Council Vice-President of Elections last term.

As Judicial Council President for the 2021-2022 term, my priorities are as follows:

1. Constitutional and Organizational Reform: Facilitate reform on both incremental and structural levels by first reforming the bylaws and constitutional articles of all nine branches, and then condensing the Student Union into a smaller number of branches and shorter constitution supplemented by a robust system of statutory and bylaw code.

2. Clean, Transparent, Engaging Elections: Continue last year's trend of increased turnout and decreased sanctioning by improving the presence of election advertising through digital and physical platforms, amending the Elections Article to accommodate the system of transparent precedent built last year, and using the Election Committee's Advisory Opinion power to clarify ambiguity through written precedent.

3. Peer Advocacy as an Institutional and Cultural Presence: Increase awareness and influence of the Peer Advocacy program both through improved social media outreach to students and through augmenting Peer Advocacy's institutional power to give it a presence in the hearing rooms and emails of OCS as well as the administration of the Campus Compact, thereby reducing deficiencies in due process and improving students' rights.