Vice President of Elections

David Haungs, '23





David Haungs is a sophomore studying Chemistry and Political Science, and he intends to pursue a career in the legal field working at the intersections of constitutional law, intellectual property, and the natural sciences. Originally from Manlius, New York, David is now a proud resident of Keough Hall. He is honored and excited to administer Notre Dame’s 2020-2021 Elections and chair the Election Committee as Vice-President of Elections.

On campus, David also serves as an inorganic chemistry research assistant to Dr. Seth Brown investigating the synthesis of novel transition metal complexes. He planned to continue this research the previous summer before it was canceled due to COVID-19. Nevertheless, David spent the summer at home reviewing relevant scientific literature, working, conducting independent legal research, and publishing an essay in Notre Dame’s Fresh Writing. Additionally, David is an Associate Editor at Notre Dame's undergraduate review of Political Science, Beyond Politics. Besides his involvement in Judicial Council, he also enjoys reading, spending time with loved ones and friends, and incessantly refreshing the Supreme Court’s Opinions page every Monday.