Ethics Commission

The Student Union Ethics Commission is responsible for overseeing the ethical behavior and practices of leaders in the Student Union. It shall conduct hearings when appropriate and make recommendations to the Senate or appropriate University offices in the event of misuse of undergraduate student organization funds or misconduct of undergraduate student organizations and their members. The Ethics Commission is chaired by the President of the Judicial Council and is comprised of a randomly selected member from each of the Student Union Organizations.

The 2018–2019 Ethics Commission Members are:

  • Each Class Council's Officers

    • Michael Conlon, 2019 Class Council

    • Gabrielle Meridien, 2020 Class Council

    • Samuel Cannova, 2021 Class Council

    • Jack Looney, 2022 Class Council

  • Student Union Board Executive Board

    • Bethany Boggess

  • Senate

    • Erin Hiestand

  • Club Coordination Council

    • James Shuttleworth

  • Hall Presidents Council

    • Joseph Trzaska

  • Off-Campus Council

    • Natalia Yepez-Frias

  • Parliamentarian

    • Halena Hadi

  •  Judicial Council President, Chair

    • Shady Girgis

If you have questions about filing an allegation to the Student Union Ethics Commission, please email us at