The Judicial Council

"Justice for All."

These words, written into Section I(4) of the Judicial Council Bylaws, express the ultimate responsibility of the Judicial Council of the Student Union of the University of Notre Dame du Lac. As the final arbiter and interpreter of all cases arising under the Student Union Constitution or other governing documents, the Council is charged with ensuring for the Notre Dame Undergraduate Student Body the promise of equal and transparent justice, and, thereby, also functions as guardian and interpreter of the Constitution.

The Judicial Council consists of the Judicial Council President and five other Judicial Council Officers. These officers include three Judicial Council Vice Presidents, the Student Union Parliamentarian, and the Student Union Historian. Power to nominate the Judicial Council Officers is vested in the Judicial Council President, who also nominates their own successor before the close of their term. Appointments are made with the consent of the Student Senate.

Judicial Council President

Hunter Brooke

Judicial Council Officers 

Thomas Musgrave, Student Union Parliamentarian 
Luke Monson, Vice President of Elections
Serena Melonio, Vice President of Peer Advocacy