The Judicial Council Executive Officers are responsible for overseeing the operations of all Student Union Elections, Election Committee, Peer Advocacy program, the Committee on the Constitution, and the Ethics Commission.  

The President shall serve as the Chair of the Ethics Commission, voting member of Financial Management Board, Committee on the Constitution, Committee on the Budget, and Hall of the Year Selection Committee, and is a non-voting member of the Student Senate, Campus Life Council, and Election Committee. The President also is responsible for appointing the two Vice Presidents, Parliamentarian, and next Judicial Council President.

The Vice President of Elections is responsible for the oversight and administration of Student Union Elections. They are also responsible for the selection of an Election Committee, of which they are the Chair, to hear any allegations throughout Student Union elections. 

The Vice President of Peer Advocacy is responsible for the selection of Peer Advocates and to oversee the smooth operation of providing student to student support during Office of Community Standards' hearings and conferences. 

The Student Union Parliamentarian is responsible for advising the Student Senate and Election Committee on constitutional matters and issues of parliamentary procedure.  The Parliamentarian also serves as the Chair of the Senate's Committee on the Constitution.