Peer Advocacy

the Grotto at night with many candles lit. A student kneels and prays at a railing in front of the Grotto

Judicial Council oversees the Peer Advocacy Program. It is a program designed to provide students with a peer support person after a violation of the University's Standards of Conduct. The program pairs a student with an alleged violation with a Peer Advocate who has been fully trained with the Office of Community Standards regarding their practices and procedures. If an alleged student has any questions, the Peer Advocates understands the process that the alleged student will go through and can provide answers and resources for the student. Peer Advocates are there to help students ease their anxiety about Office of Community Standards procedures and outcomes and provides a valuable companion during the process of any hearngs or conferences.

If you have a pending allegation against you, please feel free to contact Judicial Council to request a Peer Advocate or ask any questions by emailing us at or giving us a call at (574) 631-5136.