Student Union Parliamentarian

Hunter Brooke '25

I am a Junior majoring in Political Science and Marketing from Paris, France. On campus, I live in Carroll Hall and work for Campus Dining as the Executive Director of the NDH Student Worker Program; and with the University Relations & Development Department as a part of the Leadership Annual Giving Team.

Aside from Parliamentarian, I have served on FUEL within the Sustainability Subcommittee; as a member of the Communications department of the Executive Cabinet; as a Cultural Division Representative of the Club Coordination Council; and have been twice elected as the Senator for Carroll Hall, a role I occupied while congruently serving on the Committee on the Constitution.
As a Student Union Parliamentarian for the 2023-2024 term, my priorities are as follows:
1. Constitutional and Bylaw Maintenance and Review: Continue the work of previous administrations and officers by resolving discrepancies and obscurity within the Constitution and relevant bylaws. Evaluate structural and procedural issues and contemplate constitutional reform by continuing internal and peer institution research.
2. Effective and Informed Operation of the Committee on the Constitution and Senate: Ensure all members of the Committee on the Constitution and the Student Senate are fully and capably informed of their rights, responsibilities, and abilities, and fully adapt to their roles. Continue to support democratic, constitutional, informed, and transparent meetings.
3. Efficient, Constitutional, and Correct Procedural Operation of the Student Union: Strive to ensure all Student Union processes and decisions are harmonious with the Constitution and bylaws. Further guarantee that all relevant meetings are run according to relevant procedural rules and that relevant Chairs are informed of their rights, responsibilities, and abilities.