Class Council Elections

Judicial Council has verified and tabulated the results for the Sophomore Class Council runoff election. None of the tickets received a majority of the valid votes in the runoff election.

Pursuant to Student Union Constitution Article XVII.5.a.3, "in the event that neither ticket receives a majority of the valid votes in the run-off election, the ticket/candidate which wins the most amount of Senate constituencies shall win the election... (B) The Student Senate shall convene a special meeting for the purpose of observing the Judicial Council President announce the run-off election results from the individual Senate constituencies."

The special Senate meeting will be held on Monday, February 25th, 2019 at 6:00 PM in Duncan Student Center Room W246. Judicial Council will not release any further information regarding the results of the Sophomore Class Council runoff election prior to this time.

Please direct any questions to Judicial Council by emailing

Important Election Rules/Regulations

  • Candidates are responsible for knowing and understanding all election rules and regulations (found here) including du Lac
  • Campaign limit of $75, all materials and receipts must be approved by Judicial Council
  • Campaigning may be held ONLY over the period specified by the Election Committee
  • No campaigning may occur in any classroom, space or event funding through SAO, all Student Union meetings or events, and on the 2nd or 3rd floor of LaFortune
  • Use of Listservs for campaiging is prohibited ( or any variation thereof)
  • See candidate information packet or contact Judicial Council for our new SOCIAL MEDIA POLICY 
  • All candidates are expected to behave ethically at all times
  • Allegations of election misconduct must be submitted to Judicial Council ( or here) within 48 hours of the time committed or 11:59pm on day of the election, whichever is sooner.