Hall Elections

Hall Elections Information

Each spring, Judicial Council holds elections for Hall Governments.  

Election Code General Provisions

Election Code Halls

Spring 2021 Hall Elections Timeline:

  • March 6th or 7th: Hall Election Coordinator Training

  • March 10th: Prospective Hall Senator Informational Meeting, 7:15pm, Zoom
  • On or Before March 12th: HECs Hold Information Session

  • March 16th: Notification Form due from HECs (opt-in vs. opt-out, list of candidates)

  • March 19th: Campaigning begins

  • March 24th: Primary Election

  • March 26th: Runoff Election (if necessary)

  • March 29th: 2nd Runoff Election (if necessary)

  • March 30th: Opt-Out Halls MUST submit election results to Judicial Council


Hall Election Documents:


Important Election Rules/Regulations
  • Candidates are responsible for knowing and understanding all election rules and regulations (found here) including du Lac
  • Campaign limit of $50, all materials and receipts must be approved by Hall Election Coordinator
  • Campaigning may be held ONLY over the period specified by the Election Committee
  • No campaigning may occur in any classroom, space or event funding through SAO, all Student Union meetings or events, and on the 2nd or 3rd floor of LaFortune
  • Use of Listservs for campaiging is prohibited (@listserv.nd.edu or any variation thereof)
  • All candidates are expected to behave ethically at all times
  • Allegations of election misconduct must be submitted to Judicial Council (jcouncil@nd.edu or here) within 48 hours of the time committed or 11:59pm on day of the election, whichever is sooner.