Hall Elections

Hall Elections Information

Each spring, Judicial Council holds elections for Hall Governments.  Spring 2021 Elections information will be posted closer to election season.  The schedule for 2020 Hall Elections is listed below.

Spring 2020 Hall Elections Timeline:

  • February 15th or 16th: Hall Election Coordinator Training

  • On or Before February 20th: Hold Information Session

  • February 21st: Opt-out decision form due at 3 pm

  • February 22nd: Requests for Physical Polling Place due at noon via EMAIL

  • February 25th: For Opt-In Halls -- Names of candidates due to Judicial Council via EMAIL

  • February 26th: Through end of elections: Hold Office Hours daily

  • February 28th: Campaigning begins

  • March 2nd: Primary Election

  • March 4th: Runoff Election (if needed)

  • March 6th: 2nd Runoff Election (if needed)

  • March 8th: Opt-Out Halls MUST submit election results to Judicial Council


Hall Election Documents:

2020 Hall Vacancy Elections Coordinator Training

2020 Hall Vacancy Opt-Out Form

2020 Hall Election Coordinator Training

Important Election Rules/Regulations
  • Candidates are responsible for knowing and understanding all election rules and regulations (found here) including du Lac
  • Campaign limit of $50, all materials and receipts must be approved by Hall Election Coordinator
  • Campaigning may be held ONLY over the period specified by the Election Committee
  • No campaigning may occur in any classroom, space or event funding through SAO, all Student Union meetings or events, and on the 2nd or 3rd floor of LaFortune
  • Use of Listservs for campaiging is prohibited (@listserv.nd.edu or any variation thereof)
  • All candidates are expected to behave ethically at all times
  • Allegations of election misconduct must be submitted to Judicial Council (jcouncil@nd.edu or here) within 48 hours of the time committed or 11:59pm on day of the election, whichever is sooner.