Constitutional Precedent


Unethical Conduct

Precedent 2122-05 (also under Jurisdictional and Evidentiary Constraints)

Precedent 2021-03 (also under Petitioning and Campaigning)

Precedent 1920-06

Precedent 2223-05/2223-11

Precedent 2223-12


Precedent 2122-02

Precedent 2021-08 

Precedent 2021-02

Precedent 2021-01

Precedent 1920-02

Precedent 1920-01

Petitioning and Campaigning

Precedent 2021-07 (also under Campaign Finance)

Precedent 2021-03 (also under Unethical Conduct)

Precedent 1920-05

Precedent 2223-01

Precedent 2223-04

Campaign Finance

Precedent 2021-07 (also under Petitioning and Campaigning)

Precedent 2021-06

Jurisdictional and Evidentiary Constraints

Precedent 2122-05 (also under Unethical Conduct)

Precedent 2122-04

Precedent 2122-03

Precedent 2122-01

Precedent 2021-05

Precedent 1920-07

Precedent 1920-04

Compliance with duLac

Precedent 2021-10

Official Group Chats

Precedent 2021-11

Prior Written Approval of Late Petitions

February 12th, 2021



In an effort to increase the transparency of the Election Committee and give electoral candidates a better understanding of how our Constitution is applied, the relevant precedent from some of its decisions is posted here. This precedent is available to the Election Committee as it deliberates in allegation hearings, and it may inform how the Committee interprets provisions of our Constitution in the future. Candidates should be aware that the decision to post or not to post precedent lies within the discretion of the Judicial Council President and Judicial Council Vice-President of Elections. Precedent may not be posted for every allegation, especially those for which publication would damage the confidentiality interests of the parties involved. Furthermore, the Election Committee is not bound to decide any particular case in accord with its precedent.