Election Committee

The Election Committee shall review all allegations of potential elections misconduct and all potential violations of elections regulations. It is responsible to oversee the administration of all Student Union elections and ensure fair and ethical election practices. The committee is chaired by the Vice-President of Elections, who shall cast a vote in the case of a tie, and is composed of at least 7 voting members. The Parliamentarian and Judicial Council President shall serve as non-voting members of the Election Committee to impartially advise the committee on all constitutional matters.

Election Committee 2023-2024

Ryn Weiss, Chair

Charles Fink

Lilian Jochmann

Sarah Kerber

Alex Lin

Luke Monson

Ryan Paillet

Fiona Pfaff

Matthew Scherber

TJ Walsh

Non-Voting Members 

Koryn Isa, Judicial Council President

Hunter Brooke, Parliamentarian


If you seek to file an allegation of a potential elections misconduct or violation, please email us at jcouncil@nd.edu or fill out the online form.