Off-Campus Council Elections

Election Code General Provisions

Election Code Off Campus

2021 Off-Campus Elections Timeline

  • Monday, April 5th: Declaration of Candidacy form sent out to off-campus students
  • Friday, April 9th: Declaration of Candidacy form due at 3pm
  • Monday, April 12th: Off-Campus Council campaigning begins upon receipt of confirmation email from Judicial Council
  • Monday, April 19th: Primary Elections
  • Wednesday, April 21st: Runoff Elections (as necessary)
Important Election Rules/Regulations
  • Campaign limit of $75, all materials must be approved and receipts handed in to Judicial Council
  • Campaigning may be held ONLY over the period specified by the Election Committee
  • Use of Listservs and Google Groups for campaigning is prohibited (including or any variation thereof)
  • Candidates may create or use a personal social media account or page to campaign, but all activity,¬†including but not limited to text posts, photos, and videos must adhere to the regulations of ethical behavior as detailed in Section 17.1 of the Student Union Constitution
  • Allegations of election misconduct must be submitted to Judicial Council ( or here) within 48 hours of the time committed or 11:59pm on day of the election, whichever is sooner.

See Article XVII, Section 4 for all regulations specific to Off-Campus Council.